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Company Profile

IREM GENERAL CONTRACTOR SRL BUCHAREST, part of the IREM group, is a Romanian legal entity established in 2016, headquartered in Bucharest (Romania).
The main field of activity of the company is the construction of industrial installations-cod CAEN 4299 activity in Romania: “Construction works of engineering Projects”.
IREM GENERAL CONTRACTOR SRL BUCHAREST has over 500 employees and owns its own means of transport and equipment.
Activities are carried out at their own working point and/or other locations in compliance with all safety rules and quality standards.
The company has qualified staff, with proven work capacity and experienced technicians, for manufacturing, assembling, assembling and maintaining industrial installations.
IREM GENERAL CONTRACTOR provides systems and services for mounting, repair and maintenance with highly adaptable technological solutions in the following areas:
  • Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of: metallic structures, pressure equipment and pipelines for gas, petroleum, water pipelines and industrial installations;
  • Basic design and detail in the construction of chemical, petrochemical, offshore, steel, energy production, etc.
  • Design, installation, testing and maintenance of indoor and outdoor electrical installations;
  • Construction and installation of joinery, metal parts and tubing for oleoducts, gazoducts, aqueducts and industrial installations;
  • Mechanical installation of industrial installations;
  • Repair and mechanical maintenance of industrial installations.
  • Mechanical mounting and maintenance of petrochemical installations, gasification plants and energy-generating stations;
  • Electrical installation and instrumentation works;
  • Installation of the electrical heating system of pipelines;
  • Installation and maintenance of reservoirs;
  • Installation of fixed storage tanks;
  • Manufacture of Offshore components for oil platforms;
  • Construction of gas pipelines, methane gas pipelines, compression and measurement of the plant;
  • Construction of aqueducts and sewage treatment stations;
  • Construction of roads, bridges and quay;
  • Pre-manufacture of components in the workshop;
  • Construction of industrial installations;
  • Civil and restructuring works.
The aim of the company is to deliver complete services in the field of civil contructions, industrial constructions, production, installation and maintenance of steel-based constructions, pressure vessels and piping gas, petroleum and industrial factories, works Cold mechanical, installation and assembly of equipment.
The objective of Irem GENERAL CONTRACTOR is to operate in a cycling and complementary way, being one of the leading providers of complete service in building and Maintenanta industrial buildings of any nature. The strengths consist in the ability to handle complex projects, to manage and centralise all aspects of different traineeships, assigned to various specialized or controlled activities for companies. The desired end result is customer satisfaction, in terms of acquired results, construction time, and interactions with various third parties.
Constant dedication to ensure high-level performance in terms of competitive growth, continuous innovation and professional power development enables the Irem General Contractor to prepare and obtain results in full compliance with Requirements of the involved parties and critical project variables
Irem General Contractor has available its own means of transport and equipment. Activities being followed at their own warehouse and/or other sites being tracked with the safety and quality rules.
Irem General Contractor As an organization is highly qualified with work skill and proven technical experience for manufacturing, building, assembling and software industrial buildings.
Irem General Contractor improves and strengthens human resources as a starting point for the realization of its activity. The constant dedication to ensuring quality and performance safety allows to combine ethical and professional values with management and technical skills at every level of society, from top management to individual worker.
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